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Goldfields Honey, Bee and Pollination Services Pty Ltd and its sister company Goldfield Honey Australia are producers and packers of 100% pure Australian Honey.

The founder Grant Lockwood (1958 – 2017) started beekeeping as an apprentice in 1974 and remained in the industry until his death in 2017.

Together with his wife Vicki, he established Goldfields Honey in 2000 and had a natural gift for beekeeping which he has passed onto his son Jon who is now the principal beekeeper. His expertise and knowledge of Australian honey has been passed on to his son Sam, who is an expert in honey packing for the Australian customer. Packing both blends and straight lines. Son Mark operates the tourist shop, The Beekeepers Inn, which sells many varieties of Australian honey for tasting and sale. People come from all around the world to taste the varieties. Daughter Claire also operates the tourist facility, Beekeepers Inn as well as hosting functions from our restaurant and teaching the importance of honey production and pollination to groups.

This is a proudly run Australian family business.

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Where would we be without bees?

Can you imagine life in Australia without macadamias, avocados or blueberries? 

Our bees are about so much more than just honey. Once we acknowledge the vital role they play in our food security there are some critical, yet simple, things we can do to help secure the future of our honey bee industry.

- By John Harvey, Managing Director, Agrifutures Australia 

It's fair to mention that almost all folks have some understanding that bees play a very important role. 

Bees are very important, they're actually critical to our food security. Through the method of pollination we rely on bees for one in every three mouthfuls of food we eat. Australian almond production, for example, is entirely reliant on bee pollination. As are many fruits such as, apples, pumpkin & rock melon - which is an amazing thought while you're picking out your groceries at the local supermarket. 

The contribution to our economy from food industries dependent on bees pollinating is estimated at $14.2 billion! 

Commercial honey bee pollination generates employment in regional areas. For example Goldfields Honey & Goldfield Australia employs about 40 people. 

The honey bee and pollination industry is dealing with a lot of issues currently surrounding Covid-19, the black summer bushfires and drought, all of these have problems effected honey production.

Bees are inherently vital to Australia's agricultural and horticultural crop pollination. The challenges we face are ones to our food security.