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Goldfields, located in the Central West NSW, make it a priority to source within the local area as much as possible. 

Goldfields has access to some of the most unique eucalyptus trees, that produce some of the finest honey in Australia.

These include, yellow box, stringy bark, iron bark, apple box & white box. Crops such as, canola, lucerne & clover are also fantastic examples of honey in our local area that are not from a eucalyptus.

If climatic conditions are not good the beehives are shifted to other honey flows in different areas. These include, South Coast NSW, Pilliga state forest, Western Slopes NSW, along the river systems.

On occasion, Goldfields purchases honey from other beekeepers who keep their bees in unique areas.

Australian honey is the finest & purist honey in the world.


Goldfields produces honeycomb, primarily sold in the retail outlet The Beekeepers Inn, but also available for commercial sales. Honeycomb is the purist way to consume honey & all it's goodness. The process is so simple that it is only cut from the frame and boxed up.


NUCS or Nucleus Beehives

Nucleus colonies for the beginner or the commercial beekeeper are readily available for purchase from Goldfield Honey Australia P/L.

Nucs are ideal for the the beekeepers who needs to expand quickly or replace bees that may have been lost by fire, drought, etc.

500g Squeeze Honey
3kg Natural Honey
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500g Tub Honey
1kg Tub Natural Honey
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